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29 Jan

I love to cook. Have I mentioned?

However, every now and then I find that we’ve gotten into a culinary rut. I keep making the same round of stuff, week after week. The food is still quite excellent (of course, I made it), but it’s all starting to get a little old.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve made little forays into jazzing up our supper menus. Last night we had Trader Joe’s Mahi-Mahi with a basmati/wild rice medley (also TJ’s brand) and some nice squeaky green beans. Calvin seemed to like it, which is the Number One Requirement of any food that I introduce to the household.

One night last week, after purchasing one of these little beauties, I made a variation of this Steakhouse Steak recipe, courtesy of Ina. It was decent, though I believe it would have been better had I cooked fillets instead of New Yorks. Hey, any steak in a storm, and our grill has been defunct for MONTHS, now.

Now. If you all aren’t clear on my love affair with my crock pot, then surely you haven’t been paying attention. As things stand right now, I use mine about once a week, maybe twice. This lady, on the other hand, had the intestinal fortitude (har) to cook up a different crock pot recipe EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

I figured if she could do it for a year, I could do it for a week. Of course, I’m cutting down severely on the work involved by using the recipes she’s already tried out, instead of inventing my own. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that. Here’s the menu for next week:

Sunday – Taco Soup. It should go well with the Super Bowl. And all the beer. Alllllll theeeeeee beeeeeeeer.

Monday – Dry Rub Ribs, accompanied by PW’s Crash Hot Potatoes and garlic roasted cauliflower (which recipe I will post soon.

Tuesday – Stuffed Peppers. A whole meal contained in a vegetable! How terribly handy.

Wednesday – Bacon and Cheese Chicken. I mean, really. There is no way to go wrong, here. I’m going to pair it with some Garlic Cheese Noodles. Because you can never have too much cheese. NEVAR. Oh, I should probably have some sort of a vegetable, too. Umm… yeah. Celery and carrot sticks dipped in ranch. There ya go.

Thursday – Tilapia in Foil Packets. Served with another of TJ’s rice medley mixes and a green salad.

Friday – Fast food night! It’s tradition.

Saturday – Lasagna so easy that even I can’t screw it up. Accompanied by some garlic bread and a salad. Yes, Virginia, you CAN cook pasta in the crock pot.

In this little project I hope to end up with a half-dozen more recipes to add to our rotation. I kind of like the idea of trying out the recipes of a specific food blogger for an entire week’s worth of menus. I’ll probably do it again.

And you’ll be sure to hear about it.

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Conversions and portions

15 Nov

Hello, friends! It has been recently pointed out to me the very obvious fact that not everyone uses the US Standard of measuring weights and quantities of ingredients. So! I have added a link to the right hand sidebar for measurement conversions. Since there are so many different measurement standards I have provided this link rather than updating each individual recipe with various measurement styles.

I hope that you find it helpful, and I hope that it encourages those of you who visit here who are NOT from the U.S. to try some of my recipes! As always, comments and e-mails are welcome for any questions you may have.

Also, I will be going back and updating all the recipes with the expected amount of servings each recipe should provide – I should have done that in the first place, huh? I will provide a range, with the smaller number being the expected amount of servings with generous portions, and the larger number being the expected amount of servings with modest portions. For example, a recipe that makes “4 to 6 servings” would provide about four heaping helpings, or about six smaller helpings.

Thank you for your patience as I attempt to improve my recipe writing and blogging skills, and happy cooking!

Coming soon!

5 Oct

Hello, all, it’s been a while since I added some new recipes to this site.  Well, a good friend, fellow blogger, and Snerkology reader pointed out that I don’t have a recipe for Clam Chowder on my site.  And me being from Maine!  That’s plain sacrilidge.  I also have an EXCELLENT recipe for Chicken Pie (chicken. crust. cheese. gravy. NOM.) that I’ll be posting in the near future as well.  Finally, I’m going to beg my sister-in-law for her recipes for chicken salad, and a pumpkin roll that she makes for the holidays.  Trust me, they’re both fabulous.

So, stay tuned!  It’s cooking weather again!

More Administrative Stuff

6 Apr

I have added a Recipe Index page/tab to the site, which is just an alphabetical list of all recipes. Hope this makes navigation a bit easier for you all!

Thanks, carry on.

Administrative Stuff

30 Mar

Just wanted to let site visitors know that I’ve added photos recently to the following recipes:

Baked Enchiladas
Incredible Crock Pot Meatloaf
Salmon Loaf (recipe also edited for clarity and improvement)

Thanks, and happy eating!


New feature!

11 Feb

After discussing the need with my friend Jen, I have added a new category to the site for gluten free recipes. With Jen’s help, we went back through all of the recipes currently on the site and indicated which qualified as gluten-free (there were thirty of them!). Some recipes now have slight modifications which, when followed, will make the recipe gluten-free.

I hope this new feature helps those visitors who are looking for this particular dietary requirement.

Thanks, Jen!