Best and Soon to be World Famous Bloody Mary

9 Jul

Best Bloody MaryI’ve gotten on a Bloody Mary kick here lately. For some reason I found the prospect of making my own intimidating, and my enjoyment of those made at various drinking establishments inconsistent.

But the cravings were real (I mean, come on, drinks that come with snacks!), so I started researching the internet for the Perfect! Bloody! Mary! I filtered through the simplistic, the sweet, the obscure ingredients. What I landed on was an amalgam of several different recipes and theories. Here are the results for your enjoyment; the level of spiciness can be adjusted according to your individual taste.

Don’t worry about the extent of ingredients – once you have “your” way down, you can throw this together in a couple of minutes.

Note: it is important that all of your ingredients are COLD. This makes for the best beverage and less ice-melt.

Makes one beverage. Pour into a 2-cup measuring cup:

– 8 oz tomato juice or bloody mary mix of choice (I use V8 Bloody Mary Mix, or V8 Spicy Hot)
– 2 oz vodka of choice (I’ve been using Stoli)
– A couple of blurts of Worcestershire (a teaspoon if you need to measure)
– A couple of dashes of Tabasco (a half-teaspoon if you need to measure) – more if you like it hot, omit if you don’t like it spicy at all
– A splash of olive juice (a teaspoon…)
– A splash of dill pickle juice (a teaspoon…)
– A splash of pepperoncini juice (…)
– A half-teaspoon of prepared horseradish – more if you like it spicy, omit if you don’t like the stuff
– A squeeze (large wedge) of lemon juice (throw the rind into the bottom of your shaker)
– A squeeze (large wedge) of lime juice (also throw the rind in the shaker)
– A couple of pinches of black pepper
– A couple of pinches of Old Bay seasoning (optional)

Give the ingredients a stir. Then fill your shaker halfway full with ice (on top of the lemon and lime rinds). Pour the mixture into the shaker, cap it, and give it a few vigorous shakes. Pop the cap off the shaker and pour the whole shebang – rinds, ice, and all – into a pint glass or glass of choice. Stick a straw in it and garnish with any or all of the following:

– Olives (I like queen olives stuffed with jalapeno or garlic)
– Pickle spear
– Pepperoncini
– Asparagus spear
– Celery stalk
– Cocktail shrimp
– Mini corn cob
– Cocktail onion
– Lemon/lime wedge
– Grape or cherry tomatoes
– Whatever else floats your boat

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